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Arbela Media Group

Embed Google Reviews On Your Site To Increase Conversion Rates & Provide The Ultimate Social Proof

Use our free tool to generate your Google Review Widget, then add to your website to instantly increase conversion rates

If you want your business to rank high in the Google Local Pack, it's imperative to consistently generate a fresh stream of Google reviews

  • 85% of consumers think local reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

  • Review signals on google make up to 15% of how Google ranks a business

  • On average, consumers read around 10 online reviews before making a decision about a local business

  • Our Clean, Elegant Layouts Are Designed To Showcase Your Reviews & Increase Conversion Rates!

    Our online editor allows you to select a template for your Google reviews widget and customize it to suit your brand. All done in a matter of minutes.

    With Google Reviews Streamed Directly To Your Website, You Can Generate A Constant Stream Of New Reviews & Gather Useful Feedback From Unhappy Customers!

    Collect Customer Feedback & Reviews Directly From Your Websites Google Review Widget

  • Positive responses take customers to your Google listing to leave a review about your business

  • Negative responses ask for feedback so you can improve your customers experience

  • Immediate notifications on all negative feedback, so you can address the issue immediately

  • Here's How To Get Your Reviews Streamed To Your Website

    Our Software Integrates Directly With Google API To Create Your Review Widget

    Step 1. Search For Your Business 

    Start typing your business name into our form and select your business. Instantly pull in all of your business information and Google reviews. Our software automatically generates your special Google review link and makes it easy for you customers to leave reviews with a single click.

    Step 2. Choose Your Layout. Customize Your Review Widget

    Choose your desired layout and settings for your Google review widget. Customize the colors to match your website branding. Set the minimum star rating to show on your website. You can choose to show all rating levels or just those above 3, 4 or 5 stars.

    Step 3. Embed Your Widget

    Simply add a few lines of code to your website to start streaming your reviews. Add your positive Google reviews anywhere on of your website. Customers can generate new Google reviews for you directly from your review widget. Your most recent reviews are added to your widget automatically. 

    Pricing Plans That Make Sense

    • Direct Google Business Profile Integration

    • Integrated Review Reply AI Engine 

    • Email Notifications Of New Reviews

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    • Gets Your Google Reviews On Your Website 

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    Embed Google Reviews Widget On Any Platform With Zero Hassle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Google Review Widget?

    A Google reviews widget is an all-in-one software that allows you to showcase Google reviews on your website from your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, or GMB) as a reviews widget.

    Can I Add The Google Review Widget To Any Site?

    Yes, you can add the google widget to any page of any website with our easy to use script. Our script works will all the main website platforms including click funnels, WIX, Squarespace, Groove and lots more.

    What If I Get A Bad Review?

    The software is set to where you control the reviews that are seen on your website. For example, you can choose to show only reviews that are 4 star or 5 stars. Anything less than 4 stars will then not appear on your website.

    Can You Delete Google Reviews?

    You can not delete google reviews, however you can hide them from the website by only allowing favorable reviews (with 4 or 5 stars) to show on your website. 

    How Does The Pop-Up Work?

    You simply add your script to your website and your reviews will pop up on either the left hand side of your screen or the right hand of your screen. Whichever you prefer. 

    What Is The Review Page Used For?

    You can use the review page to send out to someone who has had a good experience or a bad experience. If they choose the green thumbs up they will be able to leave a review right then, but if they choose the red thumbs down they will be asked to fill out a feedback form. This gives you the opportunity to change their minds and get a better review. 

    What Does "Arbela" Mean?

    Arbela takes its name from the Battle of Arbela, a battle that took place in 331 BC between the forces of the Greek Army, led by Alexander the Great, and the Persian Army, led by King Darius III. Despite the overwhelming odds, Alexander's army emerged victorious due to the employment of superior tactics and the clever use of light infantry forces. 

    Our Inspiration

    As a result, the team at Arbela Media Group took inspiration from this legendary battle. Our logo is similar to the battle shield carried by Alexander the Great. 

    Our Mantra

    Our mantra is that with superior tactics and the clever usage of technology, your business can be victorious, even in the face of stiff competition. So whether you face a strategy, tactical or mindset challenge, we're here to help.

    Now, enough about us, let's get onto you...

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    Use our free tool to generate your Google Review Widget, then add to your website to instantly increase conversion rates

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