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At Last

Transform Your Online Reputation with Our Cutting-Edge Review Management Tools

If You Found This Secret Page, And You're
An Aussie Business...
Congratulations. You Get Special Pricing.

While everyone else in the world will be paying in USD, you get to pay in AUD.

So you'll get our suite of innovative tools—Review Generator, AI Reply, Social Reviews, and Stream Reviews—all designed to empower your business to collect more reviews, engage with customers effectively, and market your stellar reputation to drive conversions...at around 30% off (depending on currency exchange, and our good friends at the ATO and their GST).

There is only 1 condition to get this pricing: your business MUST be registered in Australia.

If you're in any other country, sorry you can't get this pricing.

But you don't have to leave empty handed.

Read below about how we'll reward you for finding this secret page.

Special Australian Pricing

If You Need A Reminder About Our Software

Click on the links below to read about each of our products. But don't buy from those pages, unless you really love paying more than you have to... 

See All Our Australian Product Pricing

With our smart gating feature, you intercept low scores for direct resolution, while channeling positive feedback straight to Google to bolster your online ranking.

Why Google Reviews Matter

Google uses reviews as a key factor in ranking businesses in search results. These send positive signals to Google, giving you an SEO boost.

2. AI Reply - Personalized Engagement at Scale

Harness the power of OpenAI with AI Reply. Connect your Google Business Profile and let AI craft tailored, unique responses to each review.

You can approve or edit these responses through our intuitive dashboard, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction directly. 

Why Engaging With Your Google Reviews Matters

Engaging with reviews sends positive signals to Google, enhancing your SEO standing.
Just as important, reviews and responses to them create a virtuous cycle of interaction and visibility, significantly influencing customer trust and decision-making.

3. Social Reviews - Amplify Your Social Proof

Social Reviews transforms your Google reviews into visually engaging images for social media, offering both manual download options and automatic posting to your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Elevate your social media content with authentic customer testimonials, boosting engagement and trust.

4. Stream Reviews - Showcase Your Excellence

With Stream Reviews, you can integrate a customizable widget on your website to display positive Google reviews, enhancing trust and driving visitor conversion.

This tool selectively streams your best reviews, turning your website into a testament to your business's quality and reliability.

5. REPLY+ Bundle: The Ultimate Reputation Management Solution

Choosing our REPLY+ bundle unifies these powerful tools, offering unparalleled value and compounding their benefits. Enhance your SEO, engage more effectively with your customers, and amplify your marketing—all while managing everything from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Enhance your SEO

  • Engage more effectively with your customers

  • Amplify your Google Review and Social Media Marketing

Embrace the Synergistic Effect

The synergy between collecting, responding to, and marketing your reviews can dramatically increase your traffic and conversions. So we recommend using all of our tools together. But...

You Can Choose REPLY+ Suite, Or Unbundle And Buy Only The Parts You Need

Understanding your immediate need is our priority. Don't need everything? No problem, you can unbundle and only purchase what you need. You can always hit us up later on to bundle up if you think you want to upgrade.

Whether it's gathering more reviews, engaging with your audience, or marketing your stellar reputation, or all of it—we have the solution for you.

Introducing REPLY+ Suite

And Our Australian Pricing Plans That Make Sense

Choose Any of Our Tools By Itself, Or Save By Bundling Up With Our Flagship REPLY+ Suite. Pay Annually And Save Even More.

And remember, while everyone else is paying USD prices, you save at least 30% by being an Aussie business owner.

Price / Tool (in AUD, not USD)


/mo/location/tool (+ a one-time set up fee*)

  • Unlimited Review Generator*, OR

  • Unlimited AI Reply, OR

  • Unlimited Social Reviews, OR

  • Unlimited Stream Reviews*

Choose Which Tool You'd Like

REPLY+ Suite (in AUD, not USD)


/mo/location (+ a one-time set up fee)

  • Unlimited Review Generator

  • Unlimited AI Reply

  • Unlimited Social Reviews, AND

  • Stream Reviews  

Get Started With REPLY+

What's Your Priority?

Get Your Australian Pricing By Using These Links

    I Just Want More Reviews

    Excellent. Choose this option to get your smart gating enabled review link embedded into a QR code. You'll also receive a "SCAN ME" image to show your customers at your point of sale. 

    I Want AI Reply To Reply To My Reviews

    Great choice, use the power of GPT-4 to respond to your reviews instantly. You'll get an email telling you when your response is ready. Log in, read and either accept or edit, then auto post. Easy!

    I Want My Google Reviews On FB and Instagram

    Now you're talking! Choose this option to get social eyeballs on your reviews, inspiring others to try your business, or reminding them to come back. 

    I Want My Google Reviews On My Website

    You've done the hard work getting people to your website. Now convert them to a sale by getting your customers to do the selling for you.

    I Want It All, And I Want Your Best (Australian) Pricing

    Fantastic choice. Get your review machine working at full throttle generating, responding and promoting your reviews and business!, 

What If My Business Isn't In Australia?

We did promise you a reward for finding this page, didn't we?

Well, for being a foreigner with special set of skills, enter FOREIGNER147 into our USD priced shopping cart to get a special deal for the life of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does REPLY+ Software Do?

In short, REPLY+ is an all-in-one review generation, review engagement and review promotion software suite for Google reviews.

It is made up of 4 software tools - Review Generator, AI Reply, Social Reviews and Stream Reviews.

How Does REPLY+ Work?

Our software platforms work by directly integrating with your Google Business Profile. Social Reviews also integrates directly with Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging GPT-4, a powerful AI model by OpenAI, our software does all the heavy lifting for you; replying your your reviews, creating and publishing images on your social channels and instantly streaming them directly on your website. 

Why Do You Have Special Pricing For Australia?

In short, Arbela Media Group is based in Melbourne, Australia. So we want to support local businesses. Also, Melbourne residents were severely impacted by the harshest lockdowns in the world. With them, local businesses suffered and still suffer today, on many levels. But we'll leave the finger pointing to others.

This is our way of rekindling the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of Melbourne business owners. We want to help bring a sense of community, togetherness and joy, one business at a time.

Is the REPLY+ easy to use for someone without technical skills?

Absolutely! REPLY+ is designed with simplicity in mind. Once you connect your Google Business Profile and your Facebook and Instagram profiles, our AI will do all the work for you. You can then approve, edit, or customize these through an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, requiring no technical expertise. The only tool that needs a bit of technical know-how is Stream Reviews, which needs installing code into a widget. If you need technical support with that, you can purchase the optional upgrade to get some hand holding.

Can I unbundle REPLY+ and just buy the tools I need?

Yes, you can unbundle the tools and choose just the tool you prefer. We incentivize you to buy everything together, because better together and get you the best results. But you choose what you want. You can always upgrade later by reaching out to our support team.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Of course! We don't do any false scarcity! Just bear in mind, some promotional deals are only available for limited times. If you change your mind, just reach out to our team and let us know what works best for you. If you're on an annual plan and downgrade, we calculate how much of the year you would have used on a monthly plan and refund you the difference.

What Does "Arbela" Mean?

Arbela takes its name from the Battle of Arbela, a battle that took place in 331 BC between the forces of the Greek Army, led by Alexander the Great, and the Persian Army, led by King Darius III. Despite the overwhelming odds, Alexander's army emerged victorious due to the employment of superior tactics and the clever use of light infantry forces. 

Our Inspiration

As a result, the team at Arbela Media Group took inspiration from this legendary battle. Our logo is similar to the battle shield carried by Alexander the Great. 

Our Mantra

Our mantra is that with superior tactics and the clever usage of technology, your business can be victorious, even in the face of stiff competition. So whether you face a strategy, tactical or mindset challenge, we're here to help.
Now, enough about us, let's get onto you...

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