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Create Stunning Social Media Posts From Your Reviews In Seconds. For The Ultimate Traffic and Social Proof!

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We'll Create Image Posts Of Your Google Reviews Right Before Your Eyes

Here's How Our Social Reviews Software Works

We Provide Everything You Need To Create Beautiful Social Media Images Of Your Reviews

Google API Integration
Social Reviews Integrates Directly With The Google API To Create Your Social Media Images

  • Search for your business using the Google API & simply choose your business

  • Instantly pull in all of your business information & Google reviews

Facebook & Instagram API Integration
Social Reviews Integrates Directly With The Facebook & Instagram API To Post Your Review Images To Your Social Channels With A Single Click

  • Click the connect button and you will be taken to Facebook to choose the page you want to post to

  • Connect your Instagram to your Facebook page

  • Easily post to Facebook & Instagram with a single click

Customize Your Social Media Images
Choose Your Theme & Customize Your Social Media Images To Match Your Branding

  • Choose your desired layout & settings for your Social Media Images

  • Customize your colors & background image to match your branding of your company.

  • Set the minimum threshold star rating to only show positive reviews on your social media

Auto Post Your Positive Reviews
You Can Turn On Auto Posting To Post Your Positive Review Images To Your Facebook & Instagram Account

  • Choose which account you want to turn on auto posting

  • Select the days and times you want to post

  • Set the rating threshold so you only post positive review

  • Set how many reviews to post per day & the content you want to include

Elegant Dashboard
Social Reviews Has a Simple Dashboard To Track Your Reviews & Ratings Over Time

  • Track how many new reviews you get per month and over the lifetime of your campaign

  • Monitor your overall rating and see your improvement over time

  • See all your reviews in one place and click a single button to post your reviews to Facebook & Instagram

Introducing Social Reviews

And Our Pricing Plans That Make Sense

Choose Social Reviews By Itself, Or Save By Bundling Up With Our Flagship REPLY+ Suite. Pay Annually And Save Even More.

Social Reviews



Unlimited  Social Media Posts Of Your Google Reviews

  • Direct Google , FB and IG Integration

  • Customise your theme  and colors

  • Manual or autopost on your chosen days and times

Get Started With Social Reviews

REPLY+ Suite


/mo/location (plus a once off set-up fee)

Unlimited  Social  Reviews, plus:

  • Unlimited Review Generator

  • Unlimited AI Reply

  • Stream Reviews  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Social Reviews Software Do?

In short it saves you time in creating social media content. Google review marketing is a powerful marketing tool. So is social media marketing (SMM). Combined, you get the best of both worlds, using the power of the tech giants.

But it's time consuming. This software instantly creates posts from your reviews, showcasing your great service. And if you select to auto-post, it automatically posts them to Facebook, Instagram, or both. So you enjoy the benefits of review marketing and SMM at a fraction of the time and effort.

How Does Social Reviews Work?

Our AI software platform works by directly integrating with your Google Business Profile. It also integrates directly with Facebook and Instagram.

When someone posts a review of your business, it automatically generates an image post leveraging GPT-4, a powerful AI model by OpenAI. The images are then published on your social channels depending on the days and frequency you select. 

What If I Get A Bad Review?

Our platform will only post reviews above a minimum threshold that you choose. For negative reviews, it you could still post them, but it defeats the purpose.

What is OpenAI’s GPT-4?

OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI for various tasks including translation, question-answering, and text generation. We utilize its capability to understand and generate human-like text to provide beautiful images based on your Google Business Profile reviews.

How Quickly Does Social Reviews Generate Images To New Reviews?

Typically, AI-based platforms can generate responses within a few minutes of receiving a new review. The exact speed might depend on factors such as the complexity of the review and the platform’s current load. Also, you can choose which days they are posted, how often each day and the minimum review score to post. So you have full control.

Can I Edit The Images Generated By The Social Reviews Software?

Yes, you can edit the background images, overlay colors and fonts of our templates so these are ready each time. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Set it up once and you're done!

What Does "Arbela" Mean?

Arbela takes its name from the Battle of Arbela, a battle that took place in 331 BC between the forces of the Greek Army, led by Alexander the Great, and the Persian Army, led by King Darius III. Despite the overwhelming odds, Alexander's army emerged victorious due to the employment of superior tactics and the clever use of light infantry forces. 

Our Inspiration

As a result, the team at Arbela Media Group took inspiration from this legendary battle. Our logo is similar to the battle shield carried by Alexander the Great. 

Our Mantra

Our mantra is that with superior tactics and the clever usage of technology, your business can be victorious, even in the face of stiff competition. So whether you face a strategy, tactical or mindset challenge, we're here to help.
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